Merge objects that have a different texture [optimization]

In a casino game, I have to do back office for the application.
Meaning, I need to let the user pick all models he wants in the environment.
They are all separated objects with different materials, meaning texture.

Is it possible to merge textures and objects somehow, I know that Unity3D has the ability to recreate a new texture and modify UV and merge the objects?

What’s the reason for merging the objects and textures? What benefit are you looking for?

The reason is batching, the rule for combining mesh instances is the same material
So after the client select all objects for the environment, I need to combine all UV-s and bake them into one, textures as well

Ah, I see. Unfortunately PlayCanvas doesn’t have that functionality out of the box.

Depending on the range of objects that can be chosen from, you could use as few materials as possible amongst the whole set and the batching system to reduce the draw calls to as few as possible.