Merge content or parts into another project

Hello, is there any possibility to merge a project into another, or only special parts like lights, cameras, objects… It would be good for working together with other guys. I know i can write out a complete project or i can give over the project online to another person, but this person, as i know, cannot implement this into another project.

Hi @tomes,

No there isn’t a way to automatically merge one project with another, but you can easily copy over the following:

  • Copy the entity hierarchy, you can copy any entity or tree of entities using simple copy/paste between browsers windows.
  • In the same way you can copy assets from one project to the other.
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Cool, thanks!.. did not know that… But how do i get that to the exactly same position in world space in the second project ?

The entities that you copy to the other project will have the same properties, so the world position will be the same.

Just make sure to copy the assets first so if any model or material is required by that entity gets there first.

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