Materials shared project wide

it would be very helpful to have a materials option for the fbx import that automatically re-uses an existing material with the same name (same way as Unity handles the materials if you unpack them) and looks it up project-wide.
We have quite large projects with lots of fbx and we have to manually re-assign hundreds of materials if we have to change something at the fbx files.
If you use the imported material from the fbx (and uncheck the Asset Task option “Overwrite materials”), then you have lots of duplicate materials which is not something we want.
Another option would be the possibility of Playcanvas remembering the material assignment when the fbx gets overwritten.

Or is there another option how to handle this?
Thank you!

  • Stan
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It sounds like a good suggestion … could you please open an issue here:


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Good suggestion. Your current best choice is to use the “Replace” function, by right clicking the material. You’d still have to replace all materials manually, but at least it saves time in replacing the same material for all mesh instances that share it in your model.