Materials problem with dynamic model changing

Hi, I have a problem with dynamic model changing. Materials aren’t changing when model set up through scene. So, if i want to dynamically change model during game, I need to leave model on scene empty. Cause otherwise materials will not change.

Demo scenes:
Materials are remains same on model change (the character model is set on scene).
Materials are changing on model change (model is empty on scene).

I’m changing model like this:

ModelChanger.prototype.swapMesh = function(modelName) {
    var asset =;
    if(asset !== undefined) {
        var self = this;
        asset.ready(function (asset) {
            self.entity.model.model = asset.resource;
    else {
        console.error("No model with name " + modelName + " was found");

So is it me doing something wrong, or it’s some bug?