Material Gloss Effect

Hi everyone,
I’m not sure if this is the best title for my question, but I’d like to create a metallic material with a glossy effect like this:


What would be the best approach to this?
If possible with the standard shader.


If you only have a single object in the scene, you could rotate the skybox … try loading some metallic glb into - perhaps this file
Then select different skyboxes and use the rotation slider in the viewer.

If you need the effect be more localized, you could perhaps have a spot light orbiting around.


he … you can fake it like this:

would be more elegant with custom shader though …


Thank you @mvaligursky and @rtz23!

I will look into your solutions now.
I’ve already tried to use a moving spotlight and cubemap, but since I have multiple metallic objects, which already reflect the normal lights and environment, that approach involved a lot of tweaking :smiley:

@rtz23 your solution looks really similar to what I need, I’ll try that now.


Edit: The approach with scrolling gradient texture on emissive channel works like a charm. :+1: