Masking is not working

Hi, I’m facing an issue with masking even though I make a child of parent entity where I enable the masking of a parent but it didn’t work. Please help me thanks


Which bit of the scene should people be looking at?

Can you be more specific .I don’t know what you are asking :slight_smile:


Check this @yaustar .thank you

Icon has a screen component so I doubt that will work with the mask parent


I would change it to use an Element that of Group type.

With LabaUI

All entities under a UI screen should have an element component to work properly.

You can see that LabaUI and the Button entity don’t have the element component and therefore won’t mask correctly.

See below:


(Please note we have a few bugs around the UI updating properly after changing the mask so may need a refresh of the page to see properly)

Your arrangement of the UI is a bit odd but the masking itself is working

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i want to show in this container .but once i launch the play then it show like this

Maybe this has something to do with the issue I reported here as well.

I don’t see the issue in my forked project

I recommend re-checking your scene setup to cover the points raised in my previous post

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