Masking an AR 3D element

Does anyone know if it is possible to apply the masks from the modeling in Cinema 4D to the 3D elements one turned into an fbx? I need things to be building out of the surface on an AR piece.

Hi @groupsjrBrianDouglas,

Can you show an example how your masks work in Cinema 4D?

So we are using Baked Alembic. But it still is not working. IS there a specific setting we need on the modeler/animator’s end?

Are you talking about transparency of the background, so that the camera feed is visible where your object is not rendered? If that’s the case, you might need to set background to be transparent on the clear color of the camera (alpha 0, and most likely black clear color). And make sure that ‘Transparent Canvas’ is enabled in Settings->Rendering.

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So I am building an AR piece where the animation builds a la Game of Thrones/ The problem is that at the wrong angle you can see the elements that come up through the ground.

Would it be possible to post a video or a screenshot of the issue. It’s a bit difficult to visualise the issue you are describing

So we tried using a PolyFx effector to build out an item, does PC recognize that?

The goal was to have the globe pull through the surface that the AR is placed on so it emerges. Think of the animation for GOT.

we don’t support PolyFX I suspect … what file format do you export this for Playcanvas - fbx or glb?

Playcanvas does not currently have out of the box clipping plane support … but you could add it this way:


Haven’t watched GOT so will need a video reference or another reference.

It sounds like you would like to either clipping or stencilling of an area so you can hide entities below a certain level?

fbx. Which converts to the glb. Will check out your link. Thanks

What?!? Oh man, it’s great anyways, we are trying to have things come out of the ground which in this case would be wherever the markers are. Opening Credits | Game of Thrones | Season 8 (HBO) - YouTube

Interesting, but not sure exactly what I am looking at. Do you know if there is a thread on this already?

Thank you, totally solved it!!!

Something like this?

Not exactly but that is cool. How did you do that, good one to keep in the back pocket.

The project is linked in the reply :slight_smile: