Manipulate Nodes in FBX hierarchy


i would like to know if it is possible to manipulate the nodes of a FBX Hierarchy.
I exported a fbx from Blender and managed to access the models empty nodes via Code. Just imagine a hierarchy like this:

Root Node

  • Node1
    – Model
    Now i want to be able to, for example, move “Node1”. Because “Model” is it´s Child it should move along with its parent. But it does not. I have the following code for that:

var root = this.entity.model.model.graph;
var node = root.findByName(“Node1”);

If i console.log the Position it tells me that "Node1"´s new Position is x = 100, y = 100, z = 100 but the Model stays at the same Position. I have tried various approaches, and If I change the Position of the Model-Node itself everything works fine.

Can someone please tell me If Empty Nodes that have no Mesh can be manipulated. And why does the Hierarchy not get imported into the Editor ( would be much easier if it would be accessible in the Editor).


You can move any pc.GraphNode in a pc.Model’s hierarchy using the various functions like setPosition, setLocalPosition etc. That node will be transformed, along with any children. If the node is essentially empty (no mesh instances reference it), that’s fine - it will be transformed, along with its children.

So there are good arguments why it would be useful to be able to drill down into a model hierarchy in the Hierarchy panel in the Editor. Initially, we decided, for the purpose of simplicity, we’d not expose this. But it is being requested more and more, so you can expect this feature to arrive in the coming months. No promises on dates though! :smile:

For now, you have to manipulate nodes in script. Your code looks OK to me, except you don’t need to call syncHierarchy. That is called internally. Can you share the link to a project that is not doing what you expect?