Making Model more "physically accurate"

Hi guys,

I am making a configurator for a bike company, I am trying to make the bike physically accurate/realism.
My 3d artist has not provided me the pbr maps ATM but he will, but regarding the maps, which maps should he focus more on and how I can guide the 3D artist regarding that?

Currently it is looking like this:

I have added the new clearcoat on the tank paint, at the moment I am just experimenting with the materials before the pbr maps arrive.

Any suggestions or tips will be appreciated!


The number 1 biggest problem with this project is that you haven’t baked ambient occlusion maps for the bike.

To see the difference AO maps make, check out this project and hit the TOGGLE AO button in the bottom left:


Hi will,

Yes I agree with you, my 3d artist is already making the maps, I ll post an update after applying the pbr maps.


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