Making changes to the editor

Is it possible for us as users to make changes to the editor and running it locally?

I am thinking in a sense to “extend” the editor. Along with the local runtime editor I would then be able to directly compile typescript and work with a direct link (removing the need for syncing and general testing being quite slow in this regard.)

I also want to test some things regarding personal QOL changes and testing curiosities within the engine, hoping to potentially contribute to the engine in the end.

Hi @Torben_Van_Assche ,

You can’t run the PlayCanvas editor locally, it’s closed sourced and requires a robust backend (cloud) to operate.

If you would like to run an editor script to change the behavior of the editor, you can do so using an unofficial API that is available:

For Typescript support you can use the following tool provided by the PlayCanvas team to have your local TS repository automatically synchronized with your PlayCanvas project:

I have seen that post and explored a bit. I was wondering about the possibility of what I am used to doing in Unity with editorscripting. I was interested in taking a look at implementing additional features or tweaking existing ones to fit my needs. (Which is pretty much the exact thing described in that post)

Like for example importing a mesh and separating the source fbx from glb file, reusing a material ID on import for a mesh. Or making the inspector components collapsible to name 2 ideas that I would love to put into practice.

Sadly its not my place to edit the engine, I cant suddenly make (pull) requests to add stuff to the engine :wink:

Secondly, the typescript sync is alright, but I was hoping to automatically compile and upload, which I either haven’t found or is not possible.

This community SDK may be able to help you start easily with editor scripting:

That is certainly interesting, I am a little sad it’s a javascript file and not typescript though considering I wanted to use it like that, but it should still be fine given the nature of the way it works.

Asking for the editor source code to make modification on a local version is probably not something I can do. It is closed source for a reason :frowning:

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If you check the roadmap, you can notice the team is planning to add Editor API and Editor plugins support later this year. If the solution of @Leonidas is not suitable for you, then perhaps you can wait for those.

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I am going to keep an eye out for that api for sure when it releases. Until then j will familiarise myself with the available extension he has provided :slightly_smiling_face: