Mac debugging for Kallen

Hello, a friend of mine is testing Kallen on Mac, and the rosewind and hunger and thirst bar not displaying either, does anyone of you have a Mac and point me on the problem since he don’t know how to use debug tools the script is Output.js can be the app.graphicsDevice.width and height doesn’t works?

Don’t think it is a Mac problem. At full screen they appear normally. When the resolution is smaller, it gets clipped and/or hidden. (Mac 10.11, Firefox)

So how can i get rid of that problem? i use this code now

this.needlePaper = Raphael(10,this.screenHeight-95,80,this.screenHeight-12);

and this.screenHeight=app.graphicsDevice.height;

EDIT: i also have found this but don’t lead me anywhere

I see, you do it on creation which is why it is at a fix position. In that case, it doesn’t seem to be related to your friend’s problem. (Side Note: To fix this, listen to the resize event and reposition the UI when the window/canvas size changes)

What OS version and what browser is your friend running? I’ve tried it across all major browsers and it works in Firefox and Safari. Chrome has an issue where it seems to be positioned out of window so if I start with a small window, load the game and enlarge the window, I can see it.

IIRC, you use Firefox for development? Try Chrome and see if you get the same issue.

On my chrome works just fine…the browser is safari the ios i don’t remember now i will ask him to load it with a smaller window and after enlarge it to see if that is the issue. I also tried to add this line app.graphicsDevice.maxPixelRatio = window.devicePixelRatio; but can’t test if any changes take action by myself.

Interesting, just tried it again now in Chrome on Mac and it’s fine now for whatever reason. Do you have a build before the change that you’ve made so I can test with and without?

@yaustar just changed this line
this.screenHeight = $( window ).height();
instead of
this.screenHeight = app.graphicsDevice.height;
that didn’t work