Low framerate, even in empty projects


Even when I create a new default project, I get less than 30 fps. I have tried deleting the default light, cube and plane, but it doesn’t help.

The profiler for a new project with those things deleted (so just the camera left) looks like this:


I’m on a slow computer (laptop with i5-4200U and Intel HD Graphics 4400), but I come from Three.js and am used to 60 fps with geometry, animations, lights and shadows, so I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong to make it so much slower even with a blank project.

What I have tried:

Three different browsers
Debug mode on/off
Prefer WebGL 1.0 on/off

Thank you very much for your time. :slight_smile:

I have the same issue. I’ve tested in the starter-kit project, just 30~40 fps…
But lots of THREE.js demos can be 60 fps… :cold_sweat:


Have you run a capture in the Performance tab of Chrome Dev Tools? What does it indicate?

Do you mean this ?

Indeed I do. In that view, you can save a performance profile. Can you record one and make it available somewhere online?

I’ve uploaded to my onedrive. Here is the link:


@TheDarkPrince Can you share your performance profile too ?

Here you go: https://ufile.io/be9hi

It’s rather hard to diagnose any problems from those profiles, I’m afraid. Interestingly, the project from @TheDarkPrince looks like it’s rendering a depth pass, which is normally done for certain post effects or rendering soft particles. But without seeing the project, I don’t know for sure.

Does the slowdown happen if you run a published build of the project?
Does the slowdown happen if you open a new browser tab and paste the launcher URL into it?
Does the slowdown happen in other browsers?