Losing Custom shader assignments when reimporting FBX file

This is killing me, please tell me I am doing something wrong
I have a ton of custom material assignments, and if I re import an FBX file, I lose all of them.

Please let me know what I am doing wrong or if this is a bug.

I have the re-import up date textures and material unchecked.

The first FBX has textures, the second does not to speed things up.

I this costs me a huge amount of time and makes doing architectural work near impossible.

The Play Canvas team replied and are looking into this feature, will update the results when I hear back.

We have added a new option to the Editor - Preserve material mappings:

If you tick that then when you reimport an FBX we will try to preserve any custom materials you set to the various mesh instances. It’s not perfect - if you remove mesh instances from your model there will be some wrong assignments and you will need to fix it but should be OK for now.

Let us know if it works for you.

Will test and let you know :slight_smile: Thanks, that was a big one.

Tested and confirmed fixed. Nice job
as a side note, I did test deleting a mesh, it messes up spectacularly, but including again back fixes everything, it’s robust
and behaves as expected.

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It hit me again, the only thing that changed was mapping (UV0, non lightmaps)


I did have a mess up were a model was missing from the FBX and that messed up like you guys said it would,
but putting the full model back fixed it no problem easy peasy, but today the model reverted when re-importing around 4 PM EST. Full model (using a selection set to ensure nothing goes missing) and it reverted back to light maps and those were messed up on some models.