Looking to pay a programmer

Looking to pay the programmer to code a walk-through of a building without keyboard controls and work in VR mode.

See YouTube example

  1. After 2 seconds of point or staring at a “hotspot” the camera will automatically move towards “hotspot” and slow before it hits and hold position in front of the hotspot.

2.Camera will have forward momentum for 2 sec before it comes to a complete stop once not focused on a ”hotspot”

3.Once in hold position the user will have an option to read more information about the particular item. This will be done with a pop up window that will done will be closed by staring at the x button and the - button within the pop up.

4.The user can rotate around the space and look at other items in the space that are not hotstop and locked onto another hotspot allowing the camera to move forward and view the new location

Still looking for this?

Yes, Indeed we are… Do you have any examples of your work?

Nope, but I suppose I now have a reason to get some.