Looking for partners to build serious games

Hi I’m Robbie and I’m Head of Product at smartup.io We’re on a mission to help aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs learn and be successful.

We’re just about to launch our first app, we’ve secured funding from a stellar set of angels, and we’re busy thinking about the next phase of development.

One big piece of this is to build a number of online multiplayer real-time serious games that simulate different key start-up activities (like using viral marketing, or pricing a disruptive product, or running a remote supply chain) to help people understand key concepts in a fun risk-free way.

Think clash of clans meets duolingo meets cyfe, but all around topics that a first time entrepreneur needs to understand. I’m super excited about using the PlayCanvas engine to make this a reality.

If anyone is interested in getting involved, we’re on the hunt for great devs, drop me a line at robbie@smartup.io


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This is Iker CTO at Ludei. We have a platform to make native mobile HTML5 games a reality and our acceleration and monetization platform works like a charm with PlayCanvas. More than happy to start a conversation with you and any other developer about this possible options. HTML5 and PlayCanvas need quality content to show its potential.