Looking for coder for 3D virtual event development

Project Name: Browser Based Virtual Event
Role Required: Coder / Programmer
My Role: Design / 3D Artist
My Previous Projects: (N/A in Playcanvas)
Team Size: 2-3
Project Length: Development 1 month, I have some request for virtual event that I plan to utilise playcanvas, if we got any project we will accomodate client’s needs
Compensation: Negotiable
Project Description:

You can contact me and show your portfolio.

Basically I have some request for virtual event or fairs, they want in browser platform. I would like to create a prototype for them and show them.

I have 3D background of medium skill sketchup and small amount of blender.

These are what I need in general:

  • Player navigation (Use third person controller and customize it)
    change characters
    change walk animation
    add some more animation like seating, waving hands

Open 2D screen UI and call webpage via iframe. For simplicity sake will be using this technique for:

  • Interaction with booths and users will be provided by 2D screen opening an iframe webpage:

    • open video (using iframe in 2D screen and opening youtube url),
    • open pdf (using iframe in 2D screen and opening url)
    • open image (using iframe in 2D screen and opening url)
  • maybe some other feature like open shetchfab or other if needed (

  • AI NPC roaming the level just (just another character with automated walking in the level randomly)

  • Global chat (using iframe in 2D screen and opening url).

Let me know if you are interested in developing this together



Hello @trisutridi ,

We at Renegade Lab Studios are a game and app development studio who have been using PlayCanvas for over 5 years now. Since establishment, we have worked on various client projects using PlayCanvas, involving both game and web app development, as well as working on several independent projects. Our developer team is experienced not only in Playcanvas, but other essential web development technologies, such as HTML-CSS-JS for frontend, and Django for backend, as well as common frameworks such as Bootstrap, Jquery, Tailwind, and Materialize, all of which integrate seamlessly with PlayCanvas. We will be very glad to assist you with your project. Let’s connect over email? You can write to us at renegadelabstudios@hotmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!