Locking objects in place

Can you help me lock objects in one place so they don’t move. Like a door opening. For example, The door swings open but the hinges are locked in place, the hinges being the object to be locked. Please help

Hi @Emmett_Tolbert and welcome! I know there are a couple of topics here on the forum about how to create a door. What do you have so far?

So far i have a door model with physics constraints and a Cylinder connected to it i want to lock the Cylinder so the door will swing open, At least that’s what I think will happen…

Sounds good. What’s the current result? Can you share a link of your project?

sure. PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

Thanks. I’m sure someone with the knowlege of physics constraints can help you with it. Unfortunately I have no clue.

It’s okay thanks for trying!

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