Local hosting on iPad


I have a playcanvas production that the customer would like to download and launch when offline. Right now it’s hosted at playcanvas. She wants to run it on an iPad, but offline. What could be a way to do this?


  • Björn

You can wrap the build into an app using something like https://cordova.apache.org/ or similar PWA ‘wrapper’.

Ok, cool. Thanks! What options are there for installation and execution on the iPad? Is App store the only choice? (this is a somewhat company internal app).

If it’s an internal company app, you can purchase an enterprise license that allows you to install on any iOS device without going through the app store. (Terms state that it must be an internal app).

If it is a small number of devices (< 100 IIRC), you can use the standard developer license and deploy via Testflight (requires some extra admin work in terms of managing users, getting them signed up etc) or a use service like https://www.diawi.com/. The downside is that you have to get the UUID of every device that you will install on.

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By the way, is there a big performance difference between native application and wrapped one?

Does it make sense to rewrite game for mobile devices?

Sorry, I have no idea as I haven’t done it myself. I’m assuming it is about the same as the wrapper is mostly a webview.

It depends on your needs and constraints. If the game is going to be mobile only and you want to do things like IAP etc, then it makes less sense to write a game just using a web framework as you are not intending to run it in a browser.

If you have a game that needs to be ran as fast possible and ideally you need to be as close as native as possible, again it makes more sense to write it as an ‘app’ using something like Unity, Unreal, native etc.