Loading Issue: Single Image File Loaded Multiple Times

I have an ‘explode3.png’ image file that is used in several places. The weird thing is that even though there is only one file, PlayCanvas loads it multiple times (three), which adds pressure to loading. I have many assets like this, and I’m wondering if there is any way to fix this. Additionally, I use preload for some assets and turn it off for others. Here is the case:

Also, an image that is only used in a sprite gets loaded 3 times. Also, some .glb animations as well. It is very interesting.

That’s odd, it shouldn’t be doing that and it’s not something I’ve seen before. Can you share a link to a published build to take a look please?

Is this in a published build or in the launch tab too?

It’s a published build, like I’m downloading the entire game and locally I do manipulations. I’ll try to create sharable link for the problem.

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@yaustar it seems that launch build does not have this problem, but published build has;

this is from playcanvas editor run (Launch);

When you able the share the link to the published build, we can take a closer look

It looks like my mistake, I’m using custom loading script and it looks like after downloading the app I running some scripts, and these scripts did something wrong and duplicated contents of __modules__.js, __settings__.js to __loading__.js and that’s why I was getting duplicated downloads. Sorry for the noise…