Loading GLB model on remote server not working

I am trying to load a GLB model (non-binary) from another server. The server has the glb file called female.glb, https://fitflic.com/meta/female/female.glb
female.mapping.json https://www.fitflic.com/meta/female/female.mapping.json
and the remaining files are in subfolders.

Here is the code i tried but getting error messages.

this.app.assets.loadFromUrl(“https://fitflic.com/meta/female/female.glb”, “model”, function (err, asset) {

    var box1 = this.app.root.findByName('Box');    
    box1.model.asset = asset.resource;


PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine is the editor you can access to check.

It problem you’re having is because the server hosting the file is not set up to allow requests from launch.playcanvas.com . If you own that website, you will need to update the CORS configuration to allow requests from specified outside origins, otherwise your browser will continue to block loading the resource.