Load draco .glb model error

Error loading model: xxx.glb [TypeError: undefined is not a constructor (evaluating 'new m.DecoderBuffer')],
I want to load glb models,when I run my code,it only some glb models been loaded successfully,and I got this error,but when I refresh my html,it all worked well.
When I clear the cache and load the page again, this problem may occur,I got confused.may someone could help me,please,btw,when this problem accur there are always problems with those models

Is it a specific model/asset that has this problem? If so, does it work in our viewer https://playcanvas.com/viewer or Babylon’s? https://sandbox.babylonjs.com/

yes,but when I have refeshed html ,it wil worked well

Is there any way to share a reproducible of this issue? I’ve not seen this error come up before.

Are there any possible network issues?

Yeah,It works well in viewer.

Are you using Draco mesh compression?


Is it possible that the Draco library hasn’t fully loaded yet before you start loading GLBs?

I’ll reconfirm and get back to you

You can also visit this website load_car to see this problem,thank you

I see this issue:

Where are you getting the WASM from?

I use engine directly,this is my code:

/***  加载Draco压缩后的glb文件
 * loadGlbContainerFromAsset  加载glb二进制文件  

 var loadModules = function (modules, urlPrefix, doneCallback) {
    // check for wasm module support
    function wasmSupported() {
        try {
            if (typeof WebAssembly === "object" && typeof WebAssembly.instantiate === "function") {
                const module = new WebAssembly.Module(Uint8Array.of(0x0, 0x61, 0x73, 0x6d, 0x01, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00));
                if (module instanceof WebAssembly.Module)
                    return new WebAssembly.Instance(module) instanceof WebAssembly.Instance;
        } catch (e) {}
        return false;

    // load a script
    function loadScriptAsync(url, doneCallback) {
        var tag = document.createElement('script');
        tag.onload = function () {
        tag.onerror = function () {
            throw new Error('failed to load ' + url);
        tag.async = true;
        tag.src = url;

    // load and initialize a wasm module
    function loadWasmModuleAsync(moduleName, jsUrl, binaryUrl, doneCallback) {
        loadScriptAsync(jsUrl, function () {
            var lib = window[moduleName];
            window[moduleName + 'Lib'] = lib;
                locateFile: function () {
                    return binaryUrl;
            }).then(function (instance) {
                window[moduleName] = instance;

    if (typeof modules === "undefined" || modules.length === 0) {
        // caller may depend on callback behaviour being async
    } else {
        var asyncCounter = modules.length;
        var asyncCallback = function () {
            if (asyncCounter === 0) {
                // doneCallback();

        var wasm = wasmSupported();
        modules.forEach(function (m) {
            if (!m.hasOwnProperty('preload') || m.preload) {
                if (wasm) {
                    loadWasmModuleAsync(m.moduleName, urlPrefix + m.glueUrl, urlPrefix + m.wasmUrl, asyncCallback);
                } else {
                    if (!m.fallbackUrl) {
                        throw new Error('wasm not supported and no fallback supplied for module ' + m.moduleName);
                    loadWasmModuleAsync(m.moduleName, urlPrefix + m.fallbackUrl, "", asyncCallback);
            } else {

var loadGlbContainerFromAsset = function (app, glbBinAsset, options, assetName, callback) {
    function loadGlbContainerFromUrl(url, options, assetName, callback) {
        // var filename = assetName;
        var filename = assetName + '.glb';
        var file = {
            url: url,
            filename: filename

        var asset = new pc.Asset(filename, 'container', file, null, options);
        asset.once('load', function (containerAsset) {
            if (callback) {
                // As we play animations by name, if we have only one animation, keep it the same name as
                // the original container otherwise, postfix it with a number
                var animations = containerAsset.resource.animations;
                if (animations.length == 1) {
                    animations[0].name = assetName;
                } else if (animations.length > 1) {
                    for (var i = 0; i < animations.length; ++i) {
                        animations[i].name = assetName + ' ' + i.toString();
                callback(null, containerAsset);
        return asset;
    var blob = new Blob([glbBinAsset.resource]);
    var data = URL.createObjectURL(blob);
    // return 下面这个方法
    loadGlbContainerFromUrl(data, options, assetName, function (error, asset) {
        callback(error, asset);

m.wasmUrl is the url of this file,to be honest,I do not know how to it loaded,but when I excute this code,it was fine before:

loadModules(PRELOAD_MODULES, '');
// load glb model
loadGlbContainerFromAsset(app, asset, null, asset.name, function (err, data) {xxx}

If my project shows this,my project always works well,does it mean I didn’t use draco in fact?

One important thing is that load glb models failed always occurs in the phone,but it’s less likely to happen on a computer

Draco support is still not official in the engine so maybe there’s an issue when lots of glbs are loaded at once?

Mobile there’s a race condition given it’s more likely to happen on mobile?

I’m reloading the project several times but I don’t this specific error?

Error loading model: xxx.glb [TypeError: undefined is not a constructor (evaluating 'new m.DecoderBuffer')]

Open this website on safari or chrome on my mobile phone. This problem often happens. It will also happen if I clean up the cache.

Sorry, I’m reloading without using cache on an iPhone XR and can’t reproduce the error here locally.

If an easy reproducible can be made, someone on the forum can take a closer look at it. My hunch is that possible the WASM library isn’t ready yet before the models are loaded.

Or there was an error loading the WASM?

  • Things that I would try to test is to fix the error I posted above about the WASM
  • Wait 5 secs after all the WASM modules are loaded before loading assets to see if this helps. If it does, than it implies that WASM library isn’t actually ready yet before loading GLBS

Just to reiterate that Draco compression is not officially supported by the engine yet :slight_smile:~

Edit: Checked with the team that is a supported feature.

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