"Live Preview" broken?

In older versions of PlayCanvas, I’ve seen transform updates (position, rotation, scale) I’ve done in the editor almost “live” within the launched game.

For the most current version of PlayCanvas, this feature is gone (maybe intentionally?)

Is there a way to get this functionality back? Do I have to enable it manually somewhere?

Sry I’f this post is a duplicate, didn’t find it in the forums.


Just tried it myself in a recent project and it works fine for me? Can you share the project and name the entity that doesn’t work for you?

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Yep, this is a core feature of PlayCanvas and has always worked. Check whether a page refresh fixes it.

Hi @will and @yaustar, thanks for your quick answers.

Unfortunately I can’t share this specific project, but I have set up a stripped example: https://playcanvas.com/project/604806/

I guess the issue is related to scene loading: When I start from within the “Main” scene, I can see the “Live Link Preview” as expected when I move the cube within the editor.

But when I start from the “Root” Scene, which loads the “Main” Scene, the Live Preview is broken.


@will So the live preview works only if you start from the respective scene, am I right? That’s not a big issue, but then I will re-think the structure for upcoming projects.

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Well, let’s say you have the Editor in scene A. You hit Launch and it launches scene A. When you make changes to scene A in the Editor, scene A in the Launch page updates in realtime. Now, say scene A in the Launch page switches to scene B programatically. If you make change to scene A in the Editor, they won’t (as you might expect) affect scene B. They’re different scenes. But if you switched the Editor to scene B as well, sure, scene B in the Launch page would update in response to Editor changes.

At least this is the way it’s supposed to work. cc @vaios for confirmation. :smile:

Hi @will

thanks for your answer. I’m aware that changing scene A won’t affect scene B.

But the last part of your answer - switchting to the same scene in the editor and affecting the object in live preview - doesn’t work either.

For reference: https://next.redox-labs.com/index.php/s/GRMMYin6EBKfb6n

I’ve used the project linked above: https://playcanvas.com/project/604806/