Lightmapping in pc

hello again, all at playcanvas [ive been away for a while, happy to be back]

Now, Im trying various paths to export my model to PC with the intent of lightmapping it in PC (baking).
[ eg :unwrapping UVS myself vs unwrapping in PC editor]

Main problem: Having struggled with my c.1MB model to get lightmapping running, I set up a test scene with standard assets in it only: at PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine. No lightmapping [in editor at least, works on launch]. What is wrong here please?

And here is my model (400kb), unwrapped in blender… still no lightmapping in pc: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

additional issues:
Problem 1: once you have set a light and a mesh to ‘lightmapped’, there is no feedback that the lightmapping is happening… its not clear when it has failed, sometimes I wait 5 minutes and its done, sometimes never.

[I always check the ‘auto-rebake’ button but Im not clear what this does.]

Problem 2: a small bug I think:
In the Light settings (im using a directional light), there is an Affect Non-Baked checkbox. When this is checked, the ‘Update Mode’ dropdown appears below it… but I often find the ‘Update mode’ appearing even when Affect Non-Baked is unchecked.

Both scenes you link are in private projects so we just see a 404. Can you make them public perhaps?

gawd, thought i had soz… now done