Lightmap problem on iOS

Hi I have a strange problem with lightmapping:
on PC and Android it is working pretty well, while in iOS things I see strange artifacts:

Someone have some ideas?
Thanks in advance

Hey @leosurf,

Is this a safari specific problem? I’ve had some issues in the past that were only limited to Safari, and worked well on other browsers, maybe try on Chrome on the iPhone? Also worth testing on a mac with safari once to see if that has the same problem. Do you have a public project you can share with these issues?

The problem also exists when using chrome or firefox in iOS ( I’m testing on iPhone XR ).
Sorry, but I haven’t a public project too see the problem, I’m using lighmap with exr.

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I found another thread with my problem:

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Does the suggestion of using ASTC Basis compression work there as a workaround?