Lighting problem

Hello everyone, I am in trouble now. I exported the model in glb format from blender and textured it in playcanvas. I played a lot of lights and the effect was not bad, but when I deployed it to the web for testing, I found that the low-end mobile phone was running It’s very stuck, I tried to delete all the lights, now it’s very smooth, but my scene is very bad due to the useless lights, I want to ask what should I do.

Hi @henry_tang,

Low end Android devices may suffer with multiple real time lights, even when using clustered lights.

Have you explored different ways to light your scene? E.g. using a different prefiltered skybox and fewer real time lights.

Selecting a good skybox can do wonders with PBR materials.


Try to load your glb model into our viewer PlayCanvas glTF Viewer and play with the lighting settings there to see what you can get with prefiltered skybox.

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Hello sir, I have just tried other skyboxes in the resource store, but even if the light is canceled, it will be dark. I checked related questions in the community. It seems that the light can be canceled after adding the environment map? I don’t know, can the production of environment maps be done in playcanvas? Because my texture is done in playcanvas.

The skybox will contribute to lighting where the intensity can set in the project rendering options. You will have to balance the dynamic light in the scene with the skybox lighting.

Our model viewer starter kit does this here with the skybox and one directional light

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I wonder if the cubemap has been prefiltered in the editor?

I use the Tarmac skybox, the above display has been pre-filtered, there is still a big difference between lights and no lights.

Have you tried changing the exposure?

Yes, I tried to adjust all the parameters inside, but the result was still the same. :frowning_face:

Can you share the project here?

Sorry for taking so long to reply
As you can see the model sucks without lights

This is one directional light and just the skybox

As Martin mentioned before, increasing the skybox intensity to 3 will add more light from the skybox


And the directional light was used just as another fill light and shadows (which was increased to 4096x4096).

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Different skyboxes and values give different effects so try a few or download more from the internet.


After I deleted the light and adjusted the brightness of the skybox, it feels much better now, thank you for your guidance Mr. yaustar :kissing_heart:

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