Lighting Large Models

Hi all,

I have recently been working on a new game. I want to add a free roam mode to the game where the player moves about a city. However, when I import my (quite large) city model, I have major problems with lighting. Despite adding various types of lights and moving them around the city, the model remains quite dark.

Please help me out with this!

You would probably be better off lighting your model in the 3D package that you created it with and then baking light maps. Since the buildings will never move and the lighting is going to stay the same throughout the level, I presume?

That is the problem @kindy77. My game is going to have dynamic lighting as the day progresses in the game. Also, could you please let me know how to bake light maps?

What application are you using to create your project?
Can you provide a link to your project, as well?

We are using SketchUp to create the models. Unfortunately I cannot send the project link since I have recently deleted it.

Also, have you tried using an HDRI image for lighting…on the environment cube?

No I haven’t. Can you please share details on how to go about this?

Here you go…quick tutorial on how to make. Obviously…the brighter the image…the more light you will get in your scene:

PlayCanvas Cube map Tutorial