Launch vs Built app, JS heap size way larger on Launch


We noticed while performance testing our app, that the JS heap size got really big. 200-300 MB, but then when we tried a Built version hosted on your end, the heap size dropped to 30-50 MB instead.

Is this reasonable?

(measuring in chrome dev tools under performance, Record snapshot. Also the realtime perfomance tab reports similar figures.

Things to check:

When you open your own hosted version, are you going to it directly, or from a link on an existing page? Sometimes the latter will retain the heap from where you clicked from.

Have you got gzip enabled on your own hosted version?

I’m not comparing own hosted version. Both are hosted at your sites, Built vs Launch from editor.

Ahhhh I see.

Yes, you launch the launch tab from the Editor, there’s some extra logic that gets hooked up.

Try copying the launch URL into a fresh new tab (with no history) and you should see the memory usage drop.

That did the trick indeed. Good to know.