Jump to left and right

i want my player to jump left and right its jumping but when i applied linear velocity for Z movement that time i am giving speed 3 means it is perfectly jump to that position while increasing speed that time it is jump to left and not in that position

movement speed = 3


wat can i do??

I don’t understand your question. Can you provide more information about the problem? I played your game and it seemed fine. The jump left/right looked OK.

for player movement i use linear velocity. problem on my game is that when i changing lanes with linear velocity that time it’s going out side of lane. how to solve this problem?
thank you!


Anyone help me guys. i am struct , i want jump with rotation i set rotation with angular velocity it is jumping with rotation but not settle down as correctly any suggestions??
then sometimes while player changing lens that time player went out of the boundry…

project link


while hitting obstacles that time angular velocity undefined it is coming

For something like this, I actually think you be better off not using the physics system for the jump movement/rotation and actually do it manually (change the position and rotation in code) as that allows finer control on how fast the jump should be and a lot easier to control the rotation based on the time you set to make the jump.

Yeah, I’d agree. The results from running the physics simulation are often difficult to predict precisely!

another one doubt guys, after hitting obstacles game over scene comes. here i use restart button, for clicking restart button reload gameScene (using changingScene concept ) but that time for clicking left-right button error comes in linear velocity. how i solve this??
thank you!!
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