Jump crash - Programing Help :)

I am having trouble with an old project. I am an art teacher that uses playcanvas to teach my students once a year to design and build out a world. They do not need to program or write script, I opened up the program this year and for some reason now when you jump (spacebar) it crashes the game. This used to work and nothing was changed, so I don’t know if the program was updated or what would cause this to crash.

If anyone could take a look at it I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks so much,

Hi @SarahMcKeon,

The error you are getting is coming from Ammo.js (physics):

TypeError: rayCallback.get_m_closestHitFraction is not a function

There was an update in the PlayCanvas Ammo.js version at some point. Go to your project settings and Import Ammo, that will fix it:



Thank you so much!! Such a simple & quick fix. I love this helpful community :slight_smile:

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