Jsx syntax in built-in code editor

Hello guys,
Just a quick question.Is it possible to use react jsx syntax in code editor without warning/error?Or is there a way to disable linting?Thanks

JSX is not supported in browsers is it?

Nope.As far as i know babel is needed and react library.

Edit : So transpiling is needed too :slight_smile:

You can add comments to disable linting, it’s a bit tedious though: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/599859/jslint-control-comments-selective-ignore

Ah ok thanks yaustar we can disable it like that.Actually I’m trying to use react inside playcanvas so these questions came from there.

But suddenly i think i figured it out how this can be possible without disabling linting or additional steps.i will use Hyperscript Tagged Markup library to bypass linting errors and transpiling.Thanks anyway if i success i’ll share it…

You could use playcanvas-sync with a local workflow. So you would have React with JSX, transpile it to JS and upload the build JS code to PlayCanvas via playcanvas-sync or the REST API:

ok i’ll check playcanvas-sync too thanks