Join our World War 3 first-person shooter game dev team, Next Level Entertainment!

FireStorm is a unique, cutting-edge World War 3 open-world online first-person shooter that takes one-of-a-kind concepts and develops them into a SUPREME game. We are a studio called Next Level Entertainment and we want to build our team to help us bring our immaculate vision to life so the beautiful story, gorgeous music, amazing shooting mechanics, and breathtaking scenery can be placed in the hands of your everyday gamer. Yes, you’ve heard of Halo, Call of Duty, Splitgate, but THIS game will revolutionize the first-person shooter market and whoever helps us create it will be a developer GOD. :innocent:
tldr: FPS WW3 game that needs people to join our team!
Project Name: FireStorm :gun:
Role Required: Programmer, level designer, artist, cutscene animator, writer, gameplay designer, and any other roles if you specify them and we approve.
My Role: Programmer, game designer.
My Previous Projects: Our team is very experienced with music, game design, art and we have been in game jams, (we are also experienced gamers and have a focused vision :grinning: ).
Team Size: Next Level Entertainment has 4 team members currently- but we want many more!
Project Length: However long it takes. :video_game:
Compensation: None right now, but later you will be paid according to post-launch revenue. You also get experience for your resume.

i would love to help! i can design levels, do art, and now code pretty well

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I would love to join as well. I can be a programmer or gameplay designer. Sad to say it could only be on a volunteer basis though.

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Hello @Gavin_Durbin and @Nathan_Crouch and thank you for being interested in our project! We are sorry for the very late reply, I have been very busy but will try to respond as soon as possible next time.

Right now we are at the most basic stages of our game and trying to make a working core game loop with core mechanics. We are currently working on the shooting mechanics- I have been working on them for a very very long time and have tried many different methods but none of them are working correctly. We would love if you guys can fix the shooting mechanic! This is your first task, as said before. No urgent time limit, just try your best!

We do not want to go all out with a lot of different team members right now until we get the core game loop working. So we will probably only need your help with small bugs in the game loop for now, as we learn more and more. When we think we are completely ready, we will coordinate further with you guys to make this project amazing. GOOD LUCK! Feel free to reply to this comment with any questions.

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My account is @oofin_official, I had to switch accounts

Are you sure you gave the right username? It says oofin_official is not a user.

Hmm, lets see, oh, it’s @OOFINZ_OFFICIAL

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Added! With write permission!

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Sorry for my even later reply… :sweat_smile: My username is Fizzleburn.

Sorry for our very late reply, this project has sort of been put on hold but we will happily add you! Feel free to play around with raycast shooting or anything else you want to add- we’ll try to work on this more soon!