It is no longer possible to interact with iframes since the PlayCanvas engine update

Hi ^^

It’s been several weeks since I’ve been able to interact directly with the iframes using my mouse or the touch screen from a smartphone.

This tuto is not working anymore right now :cry:

This is very annoying for the development of my projects, because I use iframes a lot.

I hope that one day the team will implement a function that would allow to add HTML contents that manage 3D, because CSS3D has many limitations and bugs.

Thank you in advance for your precious help. Thanks to all the playcanvas team for their excellent work.

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Hmm. Works on my Android phone with Brave browser.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this will happen. It would basically mean rendering/implementing HTML content in WebGL with all the interactions and logic that a browser has.

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Hi there! I too am having this issue with Android Chrome on mobile! It works on Brave, but specifically doesn’t on Chrome.

Any help would be appreciated.

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The tutorial does mention it only works with Mouse Events. I don’t think interacting directly with the iFrame on mobile was ever working

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same…i still have the problem since the engine update… i don’t know what to do

Looks like it still works fine in the published buids, just not the launch tab on Chrime Android.

Can you check if the published build on the tutorial page still works fine on your phone?

Mouse events work fine on both the launch tab and published builds

It’s also highly unlikely its from an engine update too.

Its more likely to be from a Chrome Android update and/or a deployment issue on the launch tab/site.

If it is from an engine build, then I recommend going through the previous versions via Using a Custom Engine | Learn PlayCanvas and find the last working version. That will help narrow down the cause.

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I went as far back as engine version 1.22.0 and the behaviour is unchanged, launch tab still doesn’t work with touch events on the iframes.

So either something has changed in the launch tab around December and/or Chrome have made some changes in an update that prevent pointer events going through on the iframe :thinking:

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Possibly related?


iFrame is really used by the Playcanvas community on many projects. I hope you will add a solution for this.
I have the same problem on Firefox too.

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As mentioned before, only the launch tab is affected in my tests so while painful to work on during development, should not affect your final build.

Published builds are fine on both desktop and Android Chrome on the devices I’ve tested on.

Can you check this on your devices please?

Can you share with me your example ? maybe the problem come from my code. I will use your
code on my project to see if there is a difference.

Thank u so much for your help.

The one you posted here. Does that built project on that page work for you across devices and input types (mouse and touch)?

Not 100% convinced that the X frame DENY issue is related as I would have thought that wouldn’t let me interact with the mouse either

The tutorial you refer to is no loger available, is there something similar to have as an example?

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It’s still around but unsupported due to too many issues where the behaviour is different between all the browsers, desktop and mobile:

Well, definitely iframes inside PlayCanvas is a Must. We are using this with all our projects, speacially with metaverse related projects or web 3d projects. PlayCanvas isn’t only for games, it’s amazing for a lot of stuff. We need iframes

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