Issues while forking Playcanvas project


I love working on Playcanvas and it has been our most important tool in application development pipeline, right from its inception.

But lately I have faced a couple of issues while creating a fork of my Playcanvas projects. Kindly help me out in resolving these critical issues.

Issue 1:
Many a times I have to add “Loading Screen” script in Editor to the new project after forking an old project.
What is the expected behaviour ? Do I always need to add “Loading Script” again to new project after forking it ?

Issue 2:
After forking my old project, “Resolution” Mode setting for the new project got changed automatically to “Fixed” from “Auto”. This is quite concerning for me as our product has been designed and developed to be responsive so that the user can use it across all his/her devices (viz. desktops, laptops, tablets and phones). Changing “Resolution” mode to “Fixed” affects rendering of scene (looks similar to a bad/wrong camera FoV view) and the user ends up seeing a skewed version which totally kills the experience.
Is this an one-off issue or a known bug ? What all steps/precautions should I take to avoid such issues in future ?

Thanks is advance.


Thank you for reporting on those issues. Both issues should not appear actually, so it does look like a bug on our end.
Just for testing purposes, is it legacy scripting or scripts 2.0 you are using on those projects?

Hi Max,

I am using scripts 2.0 for my projects.

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