Issues on other devices

I think the problem on the other device is that the amplitude is much higher on that device for some reason, but I don’t know what could be causing this

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Can you think of anything else that could cause this problem?

To anybody reading this, I still need help on this topic…

You need to provide some resources to be able to solve the problem.

Where do you see the difference? How big is the difference? What did you try to reproduce the difference?

I dont have a windows, I cant recreate the problem ir provide resources, I dont know what to do, But I thinj thr amplitude itself is definitely changing

Why? As far I can see this is a fixed value from your attribute?

Maybe you can share the video you have seen and a video of the gameplay on your own device.

If you don’t have a device with the issue and a device without the issue, it will be difficult to tell whenever a possible solution is working. Maybe my previous suggestion already solved the problem.