Issue with materials

I am not sure if anyione else got this issue but, when i try to assign a mt to a mesh:

  • i can’t do it from the mat editor (the tutorial sais it was possible ><),
  • i can’t do it either while having the mesh properties displayed,
  • i am having trouble displaying the assign mat (not a single click, nor a double: a click, then again a click),
  • the mat selection display is shrinked to just a horizontal scrollbar ( without the preview i mean)

So am i doing something wrong? ^^
(btw i was under firefox while encountering the bugs)

Anyway, great job to the dev team, it’s quite a piece of software =)

Uuh… While i am at it, sometimes the top double menu bar disappear ><
(again with the latest version of firefox)

Hi @tuyatag,

The first time you click on a model in the Designer you will select the Entity. This will show you the gizmo (translate, rotate, scale control) in the design view, and the the Attribute Editor will show you the transform and the components.

If you click again on the model, you will select the mesh/material. The gizmo will disappear and the Attribute Editor will be replaced by the Material Editor.

The top control on the Material Editor is the “Assign Material” field. If there is a material already assigned you can remove it by clicking the x next to it’s name. Then you can click the + to select the new material. Note: the Assign Material field is only visible if you’ve selected the material from the 3D view, not if you just select it from the asset panel.

Should be explained here in the docs.

Or you can see me editing a material (though not assigning a new one) in this tutorial video.

The Designer interface has changed slightly since then but you should be able to get the idea.

Does any of that help?

Yes it does, thank you very much =).
I’m just thinking, that maybe, having to clic a second time on an object is not very easy to find, (because not very common, am i wrong?), maybe a button in the entity panel to switch to the mat panel would be helpful.

Anyway thank you =).

I was just about to say: We’ve also added “Edit Material” if you right-click on a model, because the double-click is not easy to find. Like you said :smiley:

Well, it is perfect then =). I don’t know how i missed the right click menu though…
Thanks again!