Issue: Model View Starter Kit - is 49Mb (wrong size)

Free personal account has only 200Mb of storage available, and Model View Starter Kit project, when created is already 49Mb? I’ve tried to go through it’s assets to see what takes so much space, and could not find anything that big.
Then I’ve deleted all assets and entities, and project is now showing 37.33 Mb in dashboard, which is obviously off by about 37 Mb from blank projects.

Part of me thinks it’s the new checkpoint system (which is still WIP) but still that is unusually big :thinking:

Yeah this is from the checkpointing system and we are actually in the middle of looking at all those size issues.

In addition, the project that it is forked from is only 20.34 mb in size. I figured that I could do my simple model import using my personal account, but nope - not if the starting point adds in an extra 30 mb of size. Crazy. I can work around it and use our Organizational account, but that shouldn’t be necessary IMO.

So I was surprised at how much our Studio 10GB account has been filling up and started cleaning out old projects. What I found as I was doing this was that projects that took up about 400 Mb of space when archived (after expanding from the .zip) were consuming about 700 Mb of account space. So as a practical matter 10 Gb of account space is closer to about 6 Gb of project asset space.

I don’t understand what the checkpointing system is, but apparently it adds about 75% of additional required hard drive space?