Is there any way to make the banner display after opening the page

I want my app’s screen to appear landscape rather than vertical on the phone’s screen

Hi @11128,

You can’t really force an orientation on a website. There are some tricks that you can do when detecting an orientation change, check these posts:

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Hi, I referenced the code on the forum

var FullScreen = pc.createScript('fullScreen');

FullScreen.prototype.initialize = function() 
     var mayScreenOrientation=window.screen.orientation;

Why can’t this code be executed at initialization? How can I correct it ?

Or how do I use buttons to control landscape and portrait? You can control landscape with a button, but how do you go back to portrait?

You can’t use that in initialize function.
You have to force the user to activate that code from the input.

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can you tell me , * Why did I use this code and it doesn’t work on the iPhone,Thanks!

Full screen API is not available on iOS Full Screen API | Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc