Is there any pvp capability?

I have played many browser games and only a few have pvp and i consider this superior to play the map type of games. Can you outline how you can make a pvp game using your system or indicate if it is not yet possible.

Hi there Steve. Are you talking about realtime multiplayer? If so, check out this interesting post on the Answers site:

What kind of game are you looking to make?

I like the multiplayer capability of this game:
I would only be considering a turn based multiplayer game and depends on if i stay unemployed how much free time i have :slight_smile: My background is in programming/databases. Right now its concept only.

Another solution that you should check out is Parse:

It’s really easy to use and great for turn based games. I did a quick test integration with it, getting a PlayCanvas game to post a value to their servers and then inspecting it from their admin pages. Took about 5 minutes to do.

I want to write a tutorial when I get a second actually. :smile: Let me know if this sounds interesting - if people actually want something, I get much more motivated!