Is there any project tutorial for Hardware Instancing in PlayCanvas?

Hardware Instancing | Learn PlayCanvas.

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Hi @yash_mehrotra,

There is this engine based example, though I don’t think there is an editor based project:

I have an example project of mine based on that one, sharing: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Hi @Leonidas

Is it recommended to use batching and hardware instancing together for optimisation?

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I’d say it depends on your scene, but never on the same exact model. Use instancing when using lot’s of instances of the same model + material.

Batching may work better for objects that use a different model but the same material, it can group them into a single draw call. Though batching has a generation cost, it takes time to process the objects so you can’t easily add/remove objects.

Whereas with instancing that is mostly free.