Is there any multithreading implementation in PlayCanvas?

In a project, I need to render a large number of models, materials, pictures, etc., which I need to see visually. But this will make my project very sluggish, and JavaScript is also single-threaded. I wonder if PlayCanvas can download and render these models in a multi-threaded way? I only show a small part of the content on the main page, and other things are rendered in the background thread.
The Web Worker thread can perform tasks without interfering with the user interface.Can PlayCanvas use Web Worker to do multithreading?

Downloading data is always async in the browser. For rendering, WebGL API is single threaded (see Something about shaders - #11 by mvaligursky)

Basis texture transcoding is on a web worker thread and we are also looking to move Draco decompression to a web worker at some point

okay, I’m looking forward to using more web workers :smiley:thanks for ur help