Is there a way to get the state of the object after it is completely displayed?

I want to display an object in the project, which is not preloaded. I use postrender(and frameend) to get the last frame of the object rendering, and then print the text. But my text has been printed, and the object has not been fully displayed.Is there a way to get the state of the object after it is completely displayed

var IsFrameEnd = pc.createScript('isFrameEnd');

// initialize code called once per entity
IsFrameEnd.prototype.initialize = function () {
    var self = this;'postrender', function (e) {

// update code called every frame
IsFrameEnd.prototype.update = function (dt) {


// pc.Application.getApplication().once('postrender', function () {
//     console.log('load.....');
// });

post render event fires each frame after the render. It’s for the application render, not a mesh/object.

You could check each frame if there is a meshInstance on the render component, if there is it should render that frame.

You can also add a callback for the ready callback on the render asset. Asset | PlayCanvas API Reference

the ready callback is generated after loading, and is not a callback after rendering is complete, is it?

Is there any case for reference?

It isn’t a callback for render is completely but assuming you are rendering it as soon as the asset is loaded, it’s going to be in the in the same frame as when the asset is loaded.

okay,thank you for ur help :grinning: