Is there a way to download a playcanvas game(project)for free


ok so ive been wondering and i wanted to see if there is anyway of doownloading a playcanvas game for free because it would be nice to just download the game and run it off an cuwtom server or something but downloading a project for free should have a limit like only 10 projects can be downloading in total for FREE thnx


No, the feature to export builds to be self hosted is part of the Personal plan and up.


I am thinking of upgrading i can export it for you later on but let me know


alright man thnx for all your help btw I tried updated one of the scripts


Which one? and which project


The one were working on right (deer)


Ok well ill help u out because it fails the scripts and when u load the game it errors out ill show u soon.
EDIT: Also ur making that script in legacy which is not supported anymore so u will have to change it :slight_smile:

var Destroy = pc.createScript('destroy', {


Destroy.prototype.intalize.entity = 'model';;
model = sniper.destroy();
pc.collision.entity.attachweapon('entity', {

deer.collision.attachscript = ('deer');
// I will update this everyday
//  the player will be able to hit the target using auto hit or fire which will hopefully release soon
//  scripted by axulity

I changed some of it because u dont have it right but its a start now u can just work right off of it…
Also if u look at the top that is 2.0 script but why do u have the rest legacy?


um idk im still a beginner


Ok well keep working and learn and i will show and edit any mistakes


um ok im on right now