Is something like the following possible using PlayCanvas?

I am looking to create a game, ideally playable on multiple platforms, where one of the mechanics is around buying gifts for your character. You can “earn” money to do that by your in-game job (i.e. watching video ads), or by using some type of IAP to “send money” to your character. Even am planning a twist if your total amount you’ve sent your character goes over a certain level.

From the reading I’ve done so far, and based on previous experience building games with RenPy and Unity, it appears like the basics can certainly be done using PlayCanvas. Where it starts to get a little murky is on the funding handling. For Android and iOS I gather I could use to wrap the PlayCanvas game to be an app - but not sure what the API calls then look like to call the respective stores for handling payment. Online I am even less clear how this would work - perhaps using Stripe and then coding something after the Stripe call returns success?

The main reason I’m looking to do this with PlayCanvas is so I can do most of the development on a PixelBook or iPad Pro - neither of which will run Unity.

Is this doable? If so, any good documentation or tutorials that would help show the way for how to make the calls work?

From a really quick look, yes it is doable but it be more on the wrapper side than PlayCanvas as PlayCanvas itself can’t have this feature.

You will have write some binding between PlayCanvas and the wrapper API so that if X happens in the game, it will trigger an IAP flow.

There’s unfortunately no documentation for this as PlayCanva’s main focus is to be in a browser.

I recommend asking on the forums for these wrappers to look at how to integrate their API with a webapp and that should get you most of the way there.

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