Is legacy scripting supported?


Is legacy scripting supports all the features of new scripting? Will it be supported in the far future?
I find it much easier to write code in local IDE

Hi @Roman_Zhu. Legacy script lacks many features and due to their technical design new features won’t be available for legacy script.

Main reason we’ve implemented new script system is to allow:

  1. Script concatenation.
  2. Better API.
  3. Scripts to be an Assets.
  4. Better loading and execution control.
  5. Real-time collaborative editing (like Google Docs).
  6. Future features to allow bigger teams working on large projects.

All those things are not possible with legacy scripts due to many their technical limitations of where they stored, how they are defined (API) and how loaded (due to the way they are defined).

We’re always improving our IDE and making it better and better, adding more special integrations that external IDEs won’t have.

We have no plans to drop support of legacy script system as far as there are projects that are using it. There are no planned improvements to legacy script system.

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