Is it possible to restart the very first "Rolling ball and Platforms" project tutorial?


I’m trying to learn the very basics of PlayCanvas. When I registered my account, there was a new starter project about rolling ball and two platforms, and it had very nice prompts and descriptions.

I remember orange dot pointing out to different UI pieces and showing a description and/or telling what the thing is used for.

I would like to go through this again. Is it possible to restart all the prompts?

I’m afraid there is no way to restart the tutorial prompts again without creating a new account :frowning:

Is there something specific you would like to know about? The Editor page in documentation may help:

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Thank you for your reply and suggestions. I just wanted to know the basics of the editor interface and to learn about lights, materials, meshes etc.

For now, I am watching these tutorial series by Daniel Wood PlayCanvas Tutorial. The videos are 4 years old, but seem to be working good so far.

This is my progress so far My learning goal after I get the gist of PlayCanvas’s basics is to create project where you can walk with a first person camera and maybe place and remove blocks (similar to minecraft).

I’m sure I will be using these forumsto get help if I get stuck :slight_smile:

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By the way, in case anybody reads this thread, I’ve accidentally found an option to restart the prompts!

Here is how you do this:

  • Menu (PlayCanvas logo on the left-hand side)
  • Help
  • Reset Tips