Is it possible to move a PlayCanvas project to a Node.js server

Hello all, I know that its a totaly stupid question but in any way if someone had similar problem maybe could advice me smth!?

Is it possible to move a playcanvas project to Node.js server, or connect it in some way and it let me to say that it work on Node.js server!? :thinking:

Thanks to all for your thoughts!

Hi @Ivan_Stratiichuk,

By moving I imagine you mean connect and get some data from the node.js server, right?

That’s definitely doable and it’s not PlayCanvas related. Any webpage can connect through websockets or Rest calls to a node.js server.

You can check the realtime multiplayer for a game oriented connection:

We’ve recently made changes so that PlayCanvas can run headless (see: Support browserless environment (#3381) · playcanvas/engine@1414aa8 · GitHub)

Should be released as part of the next engine release.

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So it will work after release!?

When this release will be!?

Release is likely to be within the next week.

Bear in mind that this is to allow headless/browserless rendering. It still may not be suitable for your use case.

a possibly related discussion is here PlayCanvas application can not be created in browserless environment. · Issue #3388 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub



If I understand correctly, it is the steps to move a project to another server, am I rigth?

And because it will be moved some functions will not work, and project, at least, will not look as in playcanvas server!?

All this steps will be able after release from the next week, did I understand everything correctly?


Very interesting idea, but what to do if I don`t have a multiplayer mode in my project!?

Those are commit messages. I believe the team will add an example to the engine repo at some point on how to do this.

I found the steps, looks not difficult but there are no exact samples…

Those are not the steps. That was another user explaining the steps they were taking that they thought were needed.

Please wait for an example to be posted by the team.

Yep, pls could you write here when it will be able so I will know exactly that its that I need!?

I recommend subscribing to the repo of the engine for new releases

We will update here if we can remember