Is it possible to make portals?

Is it possible to make realistically layered portals that will teleport you through? In any way?

like this?

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yes, but is there a way to when you touch the surface you teleport to another location, the other portal

first you need to define what it means to teleport to another location. If it means just to move camera to different place then sure, you change the position on the camera.

Ok it is possible? Would it be raycast? Or some other form

Not exactly a layered portal but I played around with something similar a few weeks ago so maybe I can help you. Is this what you are looking for?

If so check out this tutorial that helped me create this. It’s very basic and gets the job done I did not play around with it too much like changing momentum while teleporting or changing camera rotation though.

Then you can use that logic with the link posted by @mvaligursky


Yes,that’s exactly what i need