Is it possible to make a train without modelling or taking online?

Im wondering if it’s possible to make a train with planes with chairs/tables (Very long train) But without modelling or getting it online?

Hi @Gabriel_Dobrzynski,

I’d say yes, a simple train model using primitives (boxes, spheres, cones etc.) can be modelled inside PlayCanvas.

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Thanks :sweat_smile: this is going to take a very long time

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I think it doesn’t have to take that long. You can make one wagon and then copy it and adjust it if necessary. You can also make a template of the first wagon and use that template. With a template you can apply a change from one wagon on all other wagons.

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You might be better off using something like this:


I made all my maps from primitives. If the map grows bigger you should think about LOD or groups to reduce draw calls. A map without models can rapidly grow into a very slow map with long loading times and low frame rate.
This just a warning to be aware, I love box-maps … really everything is easy accessable and they musn’t look bad…

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you can always enable batching to drop down the draw calls … assuming you’re sharing materials between the primitives.