Is it possible to make a battle royale game like fortnite in on playcanvas


I am just thinking out of the box rn I am learning how to animate in javascript gonna make a pong game soon depending on what I feel like.But I wanna know is it possible to make a game like fortnite like exactly like it with the building and weapons and all tht good stuff.So I wanna know is it possible to do tht?Im looking forward to doing future project


Theoretically, it is possible to get something similar at a much lower fidelity (and maybe smaller scale) working in the browser as a WebGL game.


oh and I am guessing it will take alot of work and basically alot of coding and I can probs only make a game like small battle royale games like


I’m currently in the process of developing a prototype IO game based off of the Fortnite character controller. It’s called MAGE. It’s nothing pretty, but my aim is to prove that it’s perfectly possible to create a 3D, Realtime, Multiplayer game in Javascript that isn’t complete crap.


oh nice thnx for the thing and btw I tried mage


What do you think? Is it good? :stuck_out_tongue:


yes its pretty good but you should make it an .io game like a 3d battleroyale game