Is it possible to apply bloom effect only for certain objects?

Hello. I wonder if it’s possible to apply bloom effect only for objects I want. I want to have bloom effect on the object on white background, but I don’t want the background to produce this effect. Is it possible to do that. If it is possible it would be great to see some examples of modified original bloom effect code for that purposes or some guides how I can modify it.
Thank you for your attention.

I should think it’s possible but would probably require a bunch of experimentation and examination of the sample bloom effect in the engine.

Normally, you work with LDR colors but if you push them over 1.0, you could just bloom those colors. So if the bloom threshold was over 1.0, even a white background wouldn’t bloom.

Alternatively, you could render the bloomed scene to an offscreen render target and then composite that over a white background. That’s a pretty advanced thing to do in PlayCanvas at the moment, so you’d have to be comfortable with coding with the pc.Layer API.

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Thank you a lot. I am not so experienced programmer, but I will experiment with your ideas. Thank you for help.

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